"Industrial zone - Dusine" Orašje

Objavljeno Utorak, 25 Lipanj 2013

"Industrial zone - Dusine" Orašje is established by a decision of Municipal Council Orašje ("Official Classified of the municipality Orašje, No. 2 / 10) on 18.03.2010.

The zone covers a total usable area of 351 749 m², divided into 50 plots.

"Industral zone - Dusine" is formed by the merger of the eastern part of the "Industrial Zone II" and "Industrial zone III Orasje”. This merger aims to create a complete whole, which requires a unique development program, construction of infrastructure, promotion, and the unique incentive for investment in the zone.

"Industrial zone - Dusine" Orašje is located on the main road Orašje - Tuzla, only 1 km from the municipality center and border crossing Orašje - Zupanja, and 12 km from the Zagreb - Belgrade highway.

The zone is partially equipped with basic infrastructure, access road, electricity network, water supply system, and PTT connections.

Price of available land in the industrial zone ranges from 1.50 €/m² to 3.50 €/m²,
depending on the positional advantages plots.

The plots range from 3 221 m² to 30 763 m². The current number of available plots is 13, and divided into four levels, from the main road towards the eastern part of the zone.

Benefits for zone users:

- Exemption from fees for the use and arrangement of construction land,
- Exemption of utility fees,
- The decision on a new employment incentive measures in the area of Orasje

("Official classified of the municipality Orašje" No. 4/09).

Companies currently active in the zone are:
- "Mix" d.o.o. Orasje (production and processing industry - production of animal feed),
- "Dinoza" d.o.o. Orasje (manufacturing activity - processing of raw hides and skins),
- "Coprotec systems" d.o.o. Orasje (production activity - production of metal parts for the automotive industry),
- "Yimor" d.o.o. Domaljavac (trading activity),
- "ASD" PJ Orašje d.o.o. (service industry - services of motor vehicles - Service and Parts),
- "Badžo" d.o.o. Gradačac (trading activities - construction),
- “Šokčević” d.o.o. Orašje (trading activity),
- “B2 Marine” d.o.o. Orašje (productive activity -production of small boats),
- "Granit" d.o.o. Orasje (manufacturing activity - processing of stone).






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